Making Formed Cookies

Formed cookies fall somewhere between cut out cookies and drop cookies in level of difficulty and mess.  Some of them are ready to form as the oven is preheating and some, like most cut-out cookies, do better with some time off to chill.  They tend to be showier than drop cookies because they are neater and showier than cut out cookies because they are usually rather chunky instead of flat.

The handling of the dough, the mess, even,  make formed cookies a fun activity for kids to engage in.   Some cookies start out as formed but then fall flat.  Others need a little help, like a crisscross with the tines of a fork.

peanut butter crisscrosses dough

Some formed cookies require several steps and a little organization is in order.cuccidati arrange filling in middle


Some formed cookies need to be rolled in sugar either before or after baking.

chocolate crinkle cookies 1

Whatever the little extra care you have to take, it is all satisfying and fun!

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